Mobile reCell is launching Circular Connections, a video podcast series led by our VP of Sustainability, Allyson Mitchell.

Video has become a popular medium, and is not limited to social media. Audiences on platforms like LinkedIn have been increasingly engaging with video content. With this in mind, Allyson recognized a need and an opportunity for Mobile reCell.

IT and tech industries are fast-paced, rapidly growing work environments. Leaders in these spaces are often tasked with keeping up on industry trends, but may not have time to read up on the latest news.

Circular Connections will serve as an outlet for professionals to stay informed on the latest industry news and trends. The series captures conversations between professionals about sustainability, circularity, and ESG, and how those subjects are making headway into IT and tech industries.

The Purpose of Circular Connections

Many professionals only know surface-level information about the circular economy; they often aren’t aware of how it applies to their industries.

With this in mind, Allyson created Circular Connections, and intends to:

  • Help professionals in any industry understand the circular economy and how it benefits them.
  • Provide examples of how the circular economy can be found in professional spaces and help professionals be inspired by the possibilities around circularity within their own company.
  • Help people understand why a “recycling first” approach to managing materials will never work, regardless of the material.
  • Connect viewers to thought leaders in sustainability and circularity spaces.
  • Inspire a wider application of the circular economy and greater adoption of its principles to minimize and mitigate the impacts of climate change—you know, ultimately, to save the world!

What to Expect in Circular Connections

In our first Circular Connections episode, Allyson connects with Pamela McLaren and discusses the current state of sustainability and ESG, and how these spaces have evolved through the years.

Viewers can expect more riveting conversations in future Circular Connections episodes. To view our first episode, navigate to the video below.

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