Sustainability in IT Asset Recovery

Learn how Mobile reCell’s solution contributes to a greener future and enables the circular economy.

Mobile reCell is dedicated to a sustainable future

Mobile reCell is committed to providing an IT asset recovery solution that streamlines the device recovery process and underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship, all while assisting your company in achieving its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

We firmly believe in empowering our customers to make environmentally conscious decisions by offering comprehensive tools and data that provide insights into the environmental impact of each recovery program. Our sustainability experts assist in engaging stakeholders, leveraging your success, and communicating your impact. Together, we can create a greener future, where responsible IT asset recovery contributes to a more sustainable world.

Sustainability in IT is vital to your success

IT operations consume resources directly and indirectly, which is why your organization must be environmentally conscious in all its efforts. Integrating sustainability into your IT operations will bring significant benefits, such as:

Cost Savings: Reduces resource use, leading to lower operational expenses.

Reputation: Enhances brand image and public opinion, attracting customers, investors, and job candidates.

Compliance: Ensures adherence to environmental regulations, avoiding fines or legal issues.

Risk Reduction: Mitigates supply chain and environmental risks, ensuring business continuity.

The impact of your IT assets

Applying the lens of sustainability to how your IT assets are used and managed ensures products and materials are circulated at their highest value for as long as possible.

If IT assets are not properly recycled or redeployed, it can result in lasting effects on the environment, contributing to:

Resource Depletion: Production requires significant natural resources.

Energy Consumption: Manufacturing, charging, and use consume electricity.

E-Waste: Improperly discarded mobile devices contribute to electronic waste and pollution.

A sustainable solution

Enterprises issuing corporate-owned devices to employees must also take responsibility for of retiring devices—whether they are resold, reused, or recycled. Mobile reCell’s Recovery Platform gives you visibility into your environmental impact and peace of mind that your devices are safely redeployed or responsibly recycled.

Environmental Impact Reporting

See the impact of your IT asset recovery program with measurements tied to EPA-derived environmental statistics.

Contribute to the Circular Economy

Keep your IT assets in use by routing your devices for redeployment, repair, and reselling—choosing to recycle only as a last resort.

Minimize Packing Materials and Shipping Emissions

Offering employee purchase with remote data sanitization as a recovery option minimizes the use of packing materials required when device return kits are used.

Share your impact with real data

In the Recovery Platform, you can access Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculation-derived environmental impact data and integrate it into your sustainability metrics, reporting scheme, or annual sustainability or ESG reports. The environmental impact dashboard includes the amount of energy saved, carbon emissions avoided, and e-waste prevented as a direct result of your company’s IT asset recovery and disposition efforts.

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