End-user guided IT asset recovery

Equip your employees with the guidance, options, and resources necessary to successfully return corporate-owned IT assets.

Reco prioritizes end users through your IT asset recovery efforts.

The average unsupported recovery project often fails or only
hits an average of 30% recovery.

Reason: The person that has the asset is never prioritized. To drive success, those end users need simple, easy, actionable guidance.

Guide Your End Users

Configurable guidance, based on your program and policies, supports end users through a successful IT asset recovery process.

Initial Communication

Initiated via automation or manually from within the platform, customizable internal communication helps kick off the recovery process.

Step-by-step Guidance

Through an intuitive user experience, your employees are given step-by-step guidance on what they need to complete.

Enable a Successful Return

Provide your end users with options (and maybe an occasional reminder) to make the IT asset return process simple and easy.

Flexible Recovery Options

Define and launch the IT asset recovery options fitting the needs of your users, including return-ready kits, retail drop off, prepaid shipping labels, bulk shipping boxes for on-site recovery, and employee purchase options.

Save Through Self-Service

Limit the support burden on your team throughout the recovery effort by providing end users with the needed guidance and resources.

Purposeful Reminders

Guided by best practices, build out integrated communications and sequenced reminders to match your IT asset recovery program and policies.

Fuel Success through the Recovery Platform

Reco is the end-user focused portion of our Recovery Platform, which allows you to configure your IT asset recovery program, centralize IT asset data, inform and initiate tasks, and more.

Automate IT Asset Recovery

Ensure the highest IT asset recovery rate possible without juggling spreadsheets, waiting on status information, or sending repeated emails to your user base.

Centralize IT Asset Data

Achieve a productive and informed IT asset recovery process enabled through API-driven, normalized, and organized data.

Configure Your Program

Match your IT policies and asset recovery needs with recommended best practices and configurable settings to drive success.

Inform and Initiate Tasks

Understand the status of your IT asset recovery program at a glance and know where you need to take action.