Complete the mobile device lifecycle. 
Mobile reCell is the integrated solution for mobile device recovery that maximizes returns, reduces data risk, and provides peace of mind.

Your turnkey ecosystem for mobile device recovery.


To improve your company’s rewards and security for its mobile device, Mobile reCell is the innovator of end-to-end solution for recovery, recycling and resale.

Using blockchain and patent pending technologies, Mobile reCell empowers companies with higher recovery rates, resale values and data risk mitigation.

By integrating this easy to use technology with superior customer service and select partners, the global organizations we serve optimize their mobile device recovery programs. The results include stronger participation by employees and greater yields from their returned mobile device.

Powering Value Recovery.
How does Mobile reCell technology simplify the mobile device recovery process?
How do we ensure consistent high payouts for used mobile devices?
How do we ensure security and compliance during device processing?
All of the tools needed to effectively plan and manage mobile device retirement, repair, and refreshes. Right at your fingertips!
Nate Poynter | Jan/02

Project manager for global telecom shares a story of asset recovery transformation.

When our program was implemented, the organization’s adoption for return was less than 22%. After 12 months of the Mobile reCell program being in place, the organization now realizes 85% adoption. This has resulted in the organization returning over $200,000 from 8,000 devices that were 3 and 4 years old. Read more...

Nate Poynter | Jan/02

Airline launches Employee Buyback powered by Mobile reCell

Mobile reCell’s Employee Buyback Programs are the answer to support an enterprise’s users desires to assume device ownership at the end-of-life. Our work with a large transportation company returned great results for their mobile management team, and delivered high value recovery and high end user satisfaction. Read more...

Ben Jones | Jan/02

What should you consider regarding asset recovery?

One thing is a given as your company continues to expand its fleet of mobile devices:retiring your smartphones and tablets presents both risks and rewards.For many enterprises, lax end-of-life policies for these devices results in them goingrogue. Even if they are recovered or disposed of, companies still face data exposure and poor payouts. Read more...

Nate Poynter | Jan/02

Mobility partnership reaches new heights in $2.1M mobile asset recovery

Personalized service and integrated logistics yield airline largest iPad buyback ever. A North American airline was faced with the dilemma of managing older Apple iPads during a refresh of each pilots’ device. As one of the world’s largest airlines, they needed an asset recovery solution capable of spanning 11 major hubs, providing financial benefits, offering a secure packaging process, and 24/7 real-time reporting. Read more...


Mobile reCell has been our premiere mobility ITAD partner for 3+ years. During this time, they helped us close multimillion dollar opportunities. 

Mobile reCell has industry leading customer service and web technology. The web technology has benefited both the customer and us. It has allowed me to manage the relationship with their customer base while Mobile reCell’s web portal has allowed the customer to have all data at their fingertips 24/7.

Mobile reCell’s logistics model is also industry leading. It allows the customer multiple options when sending in their end of life devices. The key to this is Mobile reCell’s flexibility and truly adjusting to the customer’s needs (whatever they are).

- Adam, Program Manager for Device Recovery at large enterprise IT solutions provider

We leverage an industry leading processor for data-wiping, processing and warehousing of mobile devices. All devices are received by Belmont Trading Co. (member of NAID - National Association for Information Destruction) in Chicago, IL and processed within their R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 certified facility.
*Devices are not received or processed at Mobile reCell's corporate office.
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