Asset Recovery Simplified

Recovering corporate-owned IT assets is complicated. Mobile reCell simplifies the process.

Mobile reCell provides the go-to software-driven solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery, designed to help organizations ensure data security, recover maximum value, automate manual processes, and deliver a sustainable solution.

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Ensure Data Security

Corporate data is invaluable, and every unrecovered corporate-owned asset poses a serious data-loss risk for your organization.

Each asset we process completes rigorous functionality testing, NIST-compliant data erasure, and receives a Certificate of Data Destruction, so you—and your legal team—can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

70% of online fraud is targeted through mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. Rogue IT assets pose a serious risk to your business. – Norton, 2021

Automate Manual Processes

Backed by a full stack of API integrations and configurable workflows, use our logic-based automation to drive recovery behaviors at the end-user level.

Define processes that allow you to reconcile every asset to a user without using spreadsheets. Generate risk assessments based on historical data and filter your program data to inform your business decisions.

96% decrease in time spent on refresh, recovery, and buyback processes. With an automated process in place, know every IT asset will be processed the same—allowing you to focus on more strategic initiatives. – Mobile reCell User Research, 2021

Recover Maximum Value

Our software provides full transparency into the asset testing and grading process, enabling you to understand the true value of your idle assets and retired assets.

Our established marketplace of ready-to-purchase buyers generates the highest possible return for your mobile asset investments and inventory by matching customers with the right assets based on grade, value, and asset type.

95% average IT asset recovery rate—more than three times the industry average. – Mobile reCell User Research, 2021

Deliver a Sustainable Solution

Every asset in your program’s inventory—both idle and deployed—is given a new life before it is responsibly recycled.

Customized environmental impact reports show how your IT asset lifecycle program is creating a sustainable solution—by reselling, reusing, and recycling assets—and saving e-waste materials from landfills.

89% of enterprises recycle less than 10% of their IT hardware overall. –  Capgemini Research Institute, 2021

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