Employee Purchase

Reward your employees.

We know you love your employees.

Why not show them?

Choose between a device return or remote wipe based plan and incite more employees to participate. Make it easy for them to keep the devices they use for work. Don’t worry, we have flexible recovery solutions for any non-purchased devices.

A win for your employees. A win for your company.

Device Return Purchase

Devices are sent to Mobile reCell before purchase


Complete Visibility

Automated logistics and tracking of devices with complete visibility.

Maximum Security

NIST-compliant data-wiping eliminates corporate data-loss.

Automated Live Updates

Employees are notified during each step in the process, all configurable by your organization.

Remote Wipe Purchase

Employees keep devices and IT admin removes corporate data


Quick & Easy

Devices are decommissioned within hours of the transaction taking place.

Cost-Effective Solution

Increases the rate of return and increases value recovered for each device.

Integrated Life-Cycle

Transaction and device details can be pushed back into your environment through APIs.

Both options include a personalized company page, secure PCI-compliant purchase transaction, and a white-labeled marketing kit for your company.

Secure, convenient, and rewarding. What more could you ask for?