Employee Purchase Programs

Unlock a secure, convenient, and rewarding employee purchase program

Setting Up Your Employee Purchase Program

Our Recovery Platform is adaptable to your company’s needs, allowing employees to purchase their IT assets seamlessly.

Step 1: Determine Employee Eligibility

Gather end user/employee information (first name, last name, and email address) and IT asset details (serial number or IMEI and assigned end user/employee) to fuel recovery requests

Step 2: Establish a Purchase Price

Establish fair market values for current IT assets; assess transaction fees; present employees with an all-in-one purchase price

Step 3: Select a Delivery Method

Select how end users will receive the delivery of recovery requests and return methods, including employee purchase

Step 4: Ensure Data Security

Configure workflows for convenient remote wipe or physical data sanitization of valuable corporate data

Step 5: Unlock IT Assets

Receive reporting on locked or enrolled IT assets; unlock or unenroll IT assets

Step 6: Get Paid

Determine how successful transaction funds are transferred back to your organization

Step 7: Employee Support

Support end users through tailored FAQ resources and a support ticket system

A successful program benefits your organization and employees

Organization Benefits

Accelerates the end-of-lifecycle process

Saves costs by skipping IT asset shipping, opting for remote data-wiping over physical data sanitization, and eliminating the wait for IT asset reconciliation

Shortens recovery program times, as IT assets are decommissioned in a timely manner after the transaction

Employee Benefits

Empowers employees to keep their familiar IT assets

Provides a cost-effective option for employees to purchase their IT assets for themselves, family, or friends

Inspires better IT asset care and ownership, which results in a higher residual value even if the employee decides not to purchase their IT assets

A consistent experience for each employee

Step 1: Employee data is input into the Recovery Platform.

IT managers bulk upload user information and IT asset details into the Recovery Platform and send automated recovery requests to eligible users.

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Step 2: Employees receive automated communications notifying them that they need to return or purchase their IT assets.

Employees will receive a notification for required IT asset recovery and a secure Reco link delivered via UEM, email, or SMS.

Step 3: Employees use Reco to purchase their IT assets.

Reco prioritizes the employee recovery experience, allowing them to purchase or return their IT assets with flexible options, reminders, and step-by-step guidance.

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Step 4: The IT asset is purchased, data wiped, and ready for personal use by the employee.

Your organization chooses if IT assets are manually wiped via a processing facility or remote data-wiped.

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