Recovery Platform

Software to automate IT asset recovery and disposition

Automate Recovery

Elevate your asset recovery operations

Ensure the highest IT asset recovery rate possible without juggling spreadsheets, waiting on status information, or sending repeated emails to your user base.

API Integration

Integrate important IT and end-user systems, including mobile and telecom services, endpoint security software, and more.

Zero-Touch Processing

Tie directly into logistics and disposition service providers for detailed visibility and hands-free processing of your assets.

End User Guidance

Automate initial return steps for end users, send pre-built reminders, and offer guidance throughout the recovery process. Learn more about Reco.

Go Beyond Deployments

Whether you’re recovering an entire fleet, cleaning out a desk drawer, or recovering one employee’s asset, deliver a consistent experience with automation.

Centralize Data

Unified asset data and reporting

Achieve a productive and informed IT asset recovery process enabled through API-driven, normalized, and organized data.

Powerful Search Options

Quickly identify end users still needing to complete returns or the status of an individual asset.

Quick Access with SSO

SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) gives users quick access to the Recovery Platform through an identity provider of your choice.

Share and Export

Configure Your Recovery Program

Match your recovery needs with program best practices

Match your IT policies and asset recovery needs with recommended best practices and configurable settings to drive success.

Flexible Recovery Options

Define and launch the asset recovery options fitting your needs, including: return-ready kit, emailed return label, bulk box, or employee purchase.

Roles and Segmentation

Segment your program as needed by divisions or subsidiaries. Equip team members with appropriate user roles and access.

End User Communication

Guided by best practices, build out email templates and sequenced reminders to match your IT asset recovery program and policies.

Inform and Initiate Tasks

Easily execute on needed recovery actions

Understand the status of your IT asset recovery program at a glance and know where you need to take action.

Initiate Recovery

Initiate recovery through API, SFTP, CSV, or the Recovery Wizard, and recover an individual asset or launch a broad asset recovery effort.

Understand Status

Quickly identify non-compliant end users and initiate automated return request email sequences to remind end users to complete returns.

Trends and Insights

Gain insights from program data and historical values to easily make informed improvements on asset return methods, device refresh timing, communication cadence, and more.

Environmental Impact Stats

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