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Mobile reCell’s team has more than 180 years of combined industry experience and is trusted by the world’s leading brands. 

We partner with the world’s largest device manufacturers, IT solutions providers, security platforms, and IT asset management companies to deliver a comprehensive turnkey device recovery experience. 

Recovery Management

Expert guidance, best practices, and support to ensure you are regaining possession of all corporate-owned IT assets.

Let Mobile reCell do the heavy lifting, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Many IT asset recovery vendors expect you and your team—the customer—to collect and centralize the devices and ship them in bulk to the vendor for processing. Not here at Mobile reCell. 

From our very first call with a customer, we set up each IT asset recovery program for success. We actively contribute to the design and workflows of your device recovery programs, sharing our expert knowledge and best practices for program success.

    • Benefit from our years of experience designing successful IT asset recovery programs
    • Implement recovery program best practices to reduce your team’s workload shipping, processing, and recovering IT assets
    • Optimize your recovery programs using historical data

    IT Asset Processing

    The necessary processing services to effectively validate technical functionality, capture device grade, and ensure data erasure prior to final asset disposition steps.

    We have partnered with a leading global processor to implement our proprietary process. Our software integrated with their technology provides you with a turnkey, standardized workflow for all of your IT asset processing needs with visibility every step of the way. 

    Each IT asset Mobile reCell processes completes rigorous functionality testing, transparent cosmetic grading, and certified data erasure in adherence to the highest environmental, legislative, and data security standards. 

    Once an IT asset is processed by Mobile reCell, a Certificate of Data Destruction is issued. This certificate allows you—and your legal team—to rest easy knowing your valuable company data is secure.


      • Ensure processed IT assets are thoroughly inspected with diagnostic functionality testing
      • Hold end users accountable with high-resolution photos and a detailed grading scale for processed IT assets
      • Provide auditors with a documented, secure chain of logistics

      Reuse + Redeployment

      Extend the life of valuable IT assets with ease, while ensuring a consistent process is followed by your users.

      Whether reissued to another end user within your organization or repurposed in another way, Mobile reCell will work with you to configure the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition. 

      Sometimes, it’s unnecessary for a recovered corporate-owned IT asset to endure full functionality testing, cosmetic grading, and data erasure. This is particularly true in the case of employee separation—when an employee either voluntarily or involuntarily leaves an organization. 

      Use Mobile reCell’s Recovery Platform and Reco to deliver the same user experience when recovering company-owned IT assets—whether you plan on redeploying, reselling, or recycling those devices.

        • Provide a consistent user experience regardless of IT asset disposition
        • Redeploy company-owned IT assets to other employees with the option to remote-wipe the devices or have them thoroughly inspected and processed
        • Track IT asset shipments from end users to your IT team 

        Reselling + Remarketing

        Through an extensive network of buyers, Mobile reCell works to resell designated assets to the appropriate channels, maximizing the recovered value we are able to return.

        Many retiring assets still have value and functionality after we have stopped using them. Selling these retired smartphones, tablets, and laptops into the secondary market allows someone else to benefit from using them while providing your company with usable capital from the resale of retired IT assets.

        Mobile reCell’s established marketplace of ready-to-purchase buyers generates the highest possible return for your IT asset investments and inventory by matching buyers with the right devices based on grade, value, and asset type.


          • Know the value of your organization’s IT assets
          • Use data to inform, plan, and prioritize device refresh programs
          • Convert retiring and idle smartphones, tablets, and laptops into usable capital

          Responsible Recycling

          When IT assets reach a true end-of-life—where reuse, refurbishment, or reselling are not viable—Mobile reCell offers recycling services that adhere to the strictest industry standards.

          Mobile reCell subscribes to the idea that we, as an IT community, can make strides to enable a closed-loop, circular economy—a zero-waste economy where the maximum value and use are extracted from all products and materials. The traditional, linear model of consumption—take, make, use, and dispose—is unsustainable. It results in wasted time, money, and materials and creates significant negative environmental and social impacts.

          When it comes to recycling IT assets and e-waste, Mobile reCell adheres to SERI’s Responsible Recycling (R2) standards for smartphones and tablets and e-Stewards standards for laptops—the most rigorous standards in the industry—including a commitment to zero-landfill or incineration for electronics waste. All IT assets recovered by Mobile reCell are resold, reused, or recycled.

            • Adhere to the strictest environmental standards and regulations
            • Protect your reputation while minimizing compliance risks
            • Know every component of each IT asset is resold, reused, or recycled

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