Former Circular Indiana executive director will support tech company’s industry partners and enterprise customers in achieving sustainability initiatives

INDIANAPOLIS, February 7, 2023 – Mobile reCell, the leading software-driven solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery, today announced the addition of Allyson Mitchell as Vice President of Sustainability. Allyson is a sustainability expert who has spent more than a decade working to advance the circular economy in Indiana.

Responsible for developing and implementing Mobile reCell’s sustainability initiatives, Allyson is committed to forming strategic partnerships to drive success and ensure the organization operates in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

Allyson’s deep sustainability expertise provides Mobile reCell’s partners and customers with the ability to deliver and report on environmental responsibility initiatives related to IT asset recovery and disposition. With a diverse background in environmental sustainability, public policy, design, and law, Allyson most recently served as executive director of Circular Indiana.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Allyson to the Mobile reCell team,” says Ben Jones, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobile reCell. “Our partners and customers are increasingly focused on reducing the environmental impact stemming from their day-to-day business operations, and it’s a category we are passionate about. We believe we can have a meaningful and measurable impact in reducing their carbon footprint through a software-driven, user-friendly approach to IT asset disposition.”

More than 96% of S&P 500 companies have developed and published sustainability initiatives in response to established United Nations General Assembly global goals. With Allyson’s sustainability expertise, Mobile reCell will match these enterprise trends and expectations. 

“I’m excited to join this incredible team and look forward to helping our partners and customers advance their sustainability initiatives,” says Allyson. “As a society, we have a responsibility to reuse, repair, and—when necessary—recycle the complex and resource-intensive devices we use every day. I’m eager to elevate the circular benefits of Mobile reCell’s business model and achieve common goals for our customers.” 

As enterprise expectations shift, supply chain disruptions remain, and environmental concerns mount, the linear approach to material extraction, use, and disposal must shift to a more circular model. Society extracts and uses 70% more virgin materials than the Earth can safely replenish. Meanwhile, 90% of the resources extracted and consumed never re-enter manufacturing cycles. The take, make, waste approach is no longer viable or financially sound.

At Mobile reCell, we help ensure every corporate-owned IT asset is efficiently recovered, securely processed, and responsibly reused, resold, or recycled appropriately. Our IT asset recovery software provides detailed environmental impact reports in easy-to-understand measurements, so our partners and customers can confidently report how this purposeful disposition of IT assets is creating a circular solution and eliminating e-waste from landfills.


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Mobile reCell provides the leading software-driven solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery. Supported by broad industry expertise and matching services, Mobile reCell helps organizations ensure data security, automate manual processes, recover maximum value, and deliver a sustainable solution. The IT asset recovery platform equips IT leaders and their end users with the resources needed for a smooth and successful recovery process. Mobile reCell’s software provides complete visibility into asset shipment tracking, processing, and a secure chain of logistics as it automates the recovery, repurposing, reselling, and recycling of corporate-owned IT assets. Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology. 

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