As a portion of Mobile reCell’s Recovery Platform, Reco equips a company’s employees with the needed guidance, options, and resources to successfully return corporate-owned IT assets.

INDIANAPOLIS, January 19, 2023 – Mobile reCell, the leading software-driven solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery, today announced the launch of a new product addition named Reco. 

Reco solves an ongoing challenge for businesses attempting to recover corporate-owned smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The average unsupported recovery project often fails or only hits an average of 30 percent recovery rate. The underlying reason is the person with the asset is never prioritized. To drive success, end users need simple, actionable guidance.

With the average refresh cycle for smartphones at two years and laptops at four years, IT leadership and the users they support need a smooth and repeatable process. 

“IT leadership is under increasing pressure to effectively deliver technology for an often dispersed workforce—with tighter budgets and a significant role in environmental initiatives,” shares Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Mobile reCell. “Reco solves a gap we identified with our customers in the IT asset recovery process. By prioritizing end users, we are able to efficiently recapture the value of deployed assets and deliver a positive, reportable environmental impact.” 

Reco provides:

  • Initial end-user communication: Initiated via automation or manually from within the Recovery Platform, customizable internal communication helps kick off the recovery process. This initial step is simplified further when integrated into existing IT systems, delivering a message in an expected format without any manual action needed. 
  • Flexible recovery options: Reco can be configured with the appropriate IT asset recovery options fitting both user needs and company policies. These options include retail drop off, prepaid shipping labels, return kits, and employee purchase.
  • Step-by-step guidance: Through an intuitive user experience, end users are given step-by-step guidance on what they need to complete. These self-service options reduce the support burden on customer IT teams throughout the recovery effort.

Reco is the end-user interface of Mobile reCell’s Recovery Platform. Through the Recovery Platform, customers can configure IT asset recovery programs, centralize IT asset data, inform and initiate tasks, report on overall program environmental impact, and more. 

“To deliver Reco, the team has been hard at work for months researching, designing, building, and testing,” says Nate Dobbs, Chief Technology Officer of Mobile reCell. “I could not be happier with the combined effort, and I look forward to seeing the real world impact this will have for our customer’s IT asset recovery efforts.”

Reco is included as a portion of Mobile reCell’s Recovery Platform and is available now for both customers and partners.

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Mobile reCell provides the leading software-driven solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery. Supported by broad industry expertise and matching services, Mobile reCell helps organizations ensure data security, automate manual processes, recover maximum value, and deliver a sustainable solution. The IT asset recovery platform equips IT leaders and their end users with the resources needed for a smooth and successful recovery process. Mobile reCell’s software provides complete visibility into asset shipment tracking, processing, and a secure chain of logistics as it automates the recovery, repurposing, reselling, and recycling of corporate-owned IT assets. Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology. To learn more about Mobile reCell’s solutions, visit

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