An IT asset recovery solution is essential for every organization with a mobile workforce, equipping their employees with corporate-owned IT assets.

Every organization has different mobile device program needs and may hear a variety of technical terms used to describe an IT asset recovery solution.

Complicated industry jargon can stand in the way of gaining buy-in from fellow leaders and implementing a solution necessary to the security of an organization’s mobile workforce.

To succeed in IT asset recovery, you’ll need to know more about the terms often used when discussing IT asset recovery:

Terms to Know in IT Asset Recovery

Certificate of data destruction: Formal document stating digital media and confidential data have been destroyed beyond recovery for an identifiable, specific IT asset—typically electronics, documents, hard drives, and other data-containing media.

Data breach: Security incident in which confidential, sensitive, or protected data is accessed, stolen, or transmitted without the knowledge or authorization of the system’s owner.

Data security: Protection of digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft throughout its entire lifecycle. 

Employee purchase program: Incentive program providing employees a convenient way to purchase the familiar mobile devices they use for work at the end of the IT asset’s lifecycle using payroll deduction or through a direct discount.

Endpoint protection: Solution for mobile devices that gives system admins a centralized management dashboard, allowing them to secure all devices connected to their corporate network.

IT asset: Any company-owned system or hardware used in the course of business activities, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other device with a serial number or unique asset tag.

IT asset lifecycle: Series of stages an IT asset goes through during the span of its usable life, including planning, procurement, deployment, optimization, management, support, recovery, and disposition.

IT asset recovery program: Cohesive, company-wide policy outlining how company-owned IT assets are returned to the company when a device is lost or stolen, a device is upgraded, or in the event of an employee separation from the company, ensuring every device in the organization is recovered, processed, and disposed of through the same process.

Recovery Platform: Mobile reCell’s proprietary platform providing all the data, tools, and services necessary to give customers full access to and customization of their IT asset recovery programs.

The Leading Solution for IT Asset Recovery

IT asset recovery is complex and can be time-consuming if the right initiatives aren’t in place.

Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology.

We centralize data and configure your recovery program to ensure your IT asset recovery needs are met, allowing you to understand the status of your IT asset recovery program and know where you need to take action.

Our team of experts will also walk through your existing asset workflows and provide best practices based on years of experience optimizing our customers’ asset recovery programs.

Learn how your IT asset recovery program can further benefit from working with Mobile reCell.


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