An industry-leading Fortune 1000 company sought out a partnership with Mobile reCell to alleviate logistics and security concerns. With a formalized structure in place, the organization was able to improve its security, IT asset recovery rate, and minimize the time spent tracking down devices, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The Problem

A Fortune 1000 company offering end-to-end solutions for the automotive wholesale industry had outsourced its mobility management and help desk to an external service provider for years. 

The customer faced challenges when trying to track down devices due to a lack of communication from the service provider. The customer tried to collaborate with the wireless carrier to improve communication and gain visibility into their corporate-owned devices, but it resulted in limited success and inconsistency. The customer also established an automated weekly report through their mobility management provider to alleviate these concerns, but it, too, was ineffective. 

Additionally, the customer’s IT team became concerned because they weren’t receiving devices—or status information—back from the service provider, which is a major security risk, as these devices have sensitive company data. 

The challenges they faced with the service provider made the customer want to conduct its IT asset recovery operation internally, but the customer lacked the time and IT resources to do so.

The Solution

The customer sought out a steady-state partnership with Mobile reCell, implementing a full-scale asset recovery program. Steady-state partnerships address ongoing business needs and focus on more than one-off projects.

Through automation, the customer receives program data from a reliable data source, allowing them to track their devices through the entire asset recovery process and close open tickets for asset recovery requests. 

Establishing a partnership with Mobile reCell enables the customer to have full visibility into the process—receiving, processing, recovering, and shipment—and allows them to regain the time spent tracking down devices, reducing the workload on its IT department. 

Since its asset recovery program is now structured and automated, the customer no longer has to stress about the asset recovery shortfalls or lack of visibility, and can rest assured that their data is secure. 

The customer is relieved with the established steady-state partnership and is currently working with Mobile reCell to establish more program enhancements like employee purchase and retail returns.

The Benefits of a Mobile reCell Partnership

Due to its previous issues with communication and inconsistent reporting, the customer had little visibility into device recovery, processing, and overall status. With the lack of data, there was no way to determine a recovery rate or ensure a secure disposition for devices. Without visibility into the recovery process, corporate data is left unsecured, and devices run the risk of being compromised. 

The newly established partnership allows the customer to recover devices more accurately while reducing the length of time required for the process. With full visibility into the process, the customer has achieved an asset recovery rate of 87+ percent with ongoing improvements underway.

Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology.

Managing an IT asset recovery program is a less laborious task with a software-driven solution. At Mobile reCell, we coordinate logistics, normalize data, and present live status updates to you while you watch the benefits grow. 

Learn how your IT asset recovery program can benefit from partnering with Mobile reCell.

Device Recovery Stats

  • iOS, Android, and laptop devices
  • 3,300+ total assets recovered
  • 87% asset recovery rate and growing

Key Program Details

  • Utilizes shipping labels
  • Steady-state partnership
  • Utilizes reporting tools for device reconciliation and tracking