Maintaining a secure IT asset recovery program can be difficult, especially when your workforce is remote. Although it’s not easy, it must be done correctly to prevent a data breach.  

Ensuring data security is essential. In fact, one-third of in-house IT departments spend all week managing mobile technology security, with an additional 20% spending the same amount of time maintaining end-user support.  

Here are some IT asset recovery challenges you and your IT team might encounter:

  • Risk of a data breach via unrecovered mobile devices.
  • Time-consuming end user communication to initiate the return of retiring IT assets.
  • Low IT asset recovery rates because of the time and persistence required to successfully recover devices manually.
  • Retired devices end up in landfills, polluting the air, soil, and water with toxic waste.

At Mobile reCell, we help our customers consistently improve their IT asset recovery programs with recovery program design and the use of our Recovery Platform.

Recovery Workflow and Program Design

From our very first call with a customer, we set each asset recovery program up for success, as we actively contribute to the design of the program. Our team shares its expertise and best practices to ensure your organization is prepared as challenges arise.

Here are a few benefits customers experience when we help configure their recovery programs:

  • By walking through existing asset workflows and analyzing the policies and processes in place, we help you identify the actions you need to take to achieve the successful asset management program you envision.
  • We identify program management practices to ensure organizations aren’t at risk.
  • Customers can generate risk assessments based on historical data and filter their program data to inform business decisions.
  • Companies can strive to meet their short-term and long-term goals since they can focus on other strategic initiatives.

The Recovery Platform

Our platform allows customers to access data in real-time rather than relying on estimates, which helps them gain an immediate and clear understanding of their IT environments. 

With our Recovery Platform, customers can:

  • Automate recovery to ensure the highest IT asset recovery rate possible without juggling spreadsheets, waiting on status information, or sending repeated emails to end users.
  • Centralize data to achieve a productive and informed IT asset recovery process enabled through API-driven, normalized, and organized data.
  • Configure their recovery program to match IT policies and asset recovery needs with configurable settings to drive success.
  • Inform and initiate tasks to easily execute needed recovery actions to reconcile every asset to a user, making the management process less tedious.

Mobile reCell Provides Continuous Support for Growing IT Asset Recovery Needs

Mobile reCell’s success is driven by a commitment to deliver an unparalleled customer experience with unrivaled technology.

The experts on our Customer Experience Team actively monitor customer recovery progress, providing guidance to optimize programs and increase device recovery rates. 

Additionally, with the rise of data breaches and security incidents, it’s imperative to maintain a secure IT asset recovery program. 

Implementing a successful IT asset recovery program and mobile device policy ensures data security and mitigates threats to your company, employees, partners, and customers.

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