Remote and Hybrid Workforces are Here to Stay

It’s officially been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started and changed our world forever. Our daily lives have been affected in several ways—including where and how we perform our jobs. Working from home and virtual meetings have never been more popular. 

Investing in necessary technology solutions is essential to maintain productivity, efficiency, and communication in the workplace, which, in turn, increases employee satisfaction.

Technology Enables Remote Employee Productivity 

When companies first transitioned to a remote work environment, maintaining productivity was a large concern. Organizations feared working from home would hinder employee productivity. However, recent studies show productivity increases up to 47% when employees work remotely. 

When organizations provide employees with the ideal home office setup, supplying them with technology and equipment upgrades, employees are likely to maintain—or increase—productivity levels when working from home. 

For example, providing employees with an extra monitor allows them to have a setup similar to what they’re used to in the office, which can lead to improved productivity, focus time, and project management.

Remote workers could use a tablet or smartphone solely to play focus music, watch webinars, or send and/or respond to time-sensitive emails.

Technology Increases Remote Employee Efficiency

Today’s technology solutions allow you to optimize your business processes, making it easier to gain efficiencies wherever time can be saved while completing tasks quicker than without the optimization process.

The right technology and tools empower employees to be more efficient working from home. New 5G devices—like iPhone 13s​​—have faster operating speeds, allowing employees to complete tasks faster.

New devices are also more energy-efficient, and often have longer battery life and larger storage capacity. With beneficial features like longer battery life, employees can fully utilize battery life instead of constantly recharging a dying battery, which increases employee downtime.

Additionally, team communication software—like Zoom and Slack—allows employees to collaborate, boosting efficiency. Live working environments—like Google Docs—allow for simultaneous work on a project that would otherwise be done in person. Teams can utilize project management software—like Basecamp—to align project goals and enforce deadlines.

Technology Fosters A Connected Remote Workforce

Company-owned IT assets fuel remote employee productivity, efficiency, and communication. In today’s world, where face-to-face communication is much less common, finding ways to stay connected from a remote setting is essential.

Video conferencing and messaging services allow employees in a dispersed workforce to communicate in real-time and stay on track with project progress. 

Many smartphones are also equipped with Wi-Fi calling, ensuring employees will stay connected when they work remotely, which is especially useful if they live in an area with sparse cellular coverage.

With the appropriate IT assets and software, employees can ask interdepartmental questions in a matter of seconds, rather than tracking down team members in the office—a much more efficient use of everyone’s time. 

The Go-To Mobile Device Lifecycle Solution for IT Asset Recovery

Many employees are being issued corporate-owned IT assets—like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and monitors—to continue remote work, which, in turn, increases the number of devices that need to be recovered and data wiped.

Additionally, those deployed corporate-owned IT assets will eventually reach the end of their lifecycles—whether that be the result of a device upgrade, an organization returning to an in-office work environment, or employee separation. 

As these devices reach the end of their lifecycles, investing in a mobile device recovery solution is essential to the recovery of each device before it’s redeployed, resold, or recycled. 

Mobile reCell provides the go-to solution for corporate-owned IT asset recovery, decreasing the time typically spent on recovering devices, which allows organizations to focus on more strategic initiatives and provide end user support.

Mobile reCell helps organizations maximize efficiency and time while ensuring data security, recovering maximum value, and delivering a sustainable solution.

As employees around the world utilize mobile devices and technology in new ways, it’s essential to ensure productivity, efficiency, and connectivity are priorities in remote workforces.

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