What’s New

Over the past year, the Mobile reCell team has been hard at work scoping, designing, and building a new and improved Recovery Platform experience. This new release is the largest yet from Mobile reCell, and we’re excited to share some of the key items with you! 

The Recovery Platform’s New Design System

User feedback informed the software’s pattern-based design, intuitive components, and self-service capabilities. The new enterprise-level interface helps to optimize the user experience while enabling future growth for the platform within a defined visual system.

The Grid

The Grid is our table-like view of data within the Mobile reCell platform. This feature allows you to filter and sort by the details important to you—return status, lock/enrollment status, date, device metadata, and more. 

This organizational pattern is repeated throughout the platform and helps to visualize any number of asset records in meaningful ways. Default views are pre-built, but additional views can be created based on your unique program needs. Individual views can be exported and shared with additional managers, stakeholders, vendors, or partners. 

All grids include:

  • Filter button: manipulate and narrow data based on criteria chosen for any grid
  • Search: discover specific device records by a unique identifier
  • Status: used in the grid for tracking, processing, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) enrollment, and lock statuses

The Recovery Wizard

The Recovery Wizard offers a guided and simple experience for initiating asset recovery. Quickly order return-ready kits and print the shipping labels you need from within the Recovery Platform.

Recovery Wizard features currently include:

  • Order a return-ready kit shipped to your office or end user’s home
  • Create shipping labels, which will be emailed to the end user returning a device
  • Email return request confirmations to the individual requesting the return and the end user
  • Select label and return-ready kit quantities to be mailed to your team

Request History

The Request History page is a table of records for initiated device returns. This page can be filtered by several data points, allowing you to identify any outstanding devices that may need follow-up. 

The Request History page includes the Grid features: filter, search, data, status, and table module.