To kick off conference season, Mobile reCell attended one of the largest channel events in the tech industry—the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, which is held annually in Las Vegas and attracts more than 6,500 partners and providers in the information communication technology (ICT) channel. 

Attendees represent companies of all sizes, including agents/subagents, managed service providers (MSPs), value added resellers (VARs), consultants, integrators, technology service brokers, IT providers, and more.

The Channel Partners Conference & Expo houses almost the entire channel community. It is filled with informative panels, industry-leading speakers, and unmatched networking sessions, allowing professionals to expand their knowledge and build meaningful connections. 

We sat down with Matt Duncan, Channel Sales Manager at Mobile reCell, and asked about his experience at the 25th annual Channel Partners Conference & Expo:

Q: How was this Channel Partners Conference different from the past Channel Partners Conferences you’ve attended?

A: The Channel Partners Conference gets better every year because your existing connections recommend new people to network with, which means year after year, your network continues to expand.

It’s interesting to see existing and potential partners and the majority of the people we interact with all in the same space. Having almost the entire channel community at the same event is very unique and beneficial, because it allows us to engage with each other organically. 

Q: What did you learn that will help Mobile reCell provide a better solution to customers and partners?

A: This Channel Partner’s Conference emphasized the importance of security and how it relates to IT assets. I noticed securing retired company-issued IT assets is not discussed frequently, but it feels like the elephant in the room—customers realize its importance. They just don’t have a formal plan in place to recover deployed IT assets. 

“Our software is completely revolutionary compared to traditional IT asset recovery solutions, and it is always well-received when we explain how we’re different.”  – Matt Duncan, Channel Sales Manager at Mobile reCell.

Q: What successes or major accomplishments did you achieve?

A: Customers and partners alike realize the value and recognize a clear differentiation in the market for our solution. 

Aside from that, I connected with a partner I’ve been working with for three months over Zoom calls—it was great to finally meet in person! 

I value conferences like these because you’re able to accomplish a lot more in a short amount of time compared to exchanging emails back and forth. I experienced some major business development wins and furthered some important relationships. 

Q: What was a key takeaway from this Channel Partners Conference?

A: Several of this year’s speakers emphasized the importance of investing in relationships and working together, which is a life lesson applicable even outside work. 

Relationship value has so much benefit beyond the corporate level. Maintaining relationships is how your network grows and enables you to meet more people—often revealing new sales or career opportunities. 

I’ve been to conferences before where I didn’t know anyone, and sometimes, it can be difficult to break into existing circles or groups. Not at the Channel Partners Conference. At the Channel Partners Conference, everyone works together to solve each other’s pain points and provide insights into other organizations. 

Channel Partners allows us to make a larger impact within our industry through important connections and the collaborative environment the event creates.

Mobile reCell would like to thank those who attended the conference and met with our team. We look forward to seeing you at the next Channel Partners Conference & Expo!

Mobile reCell partners with the most innovative leaders in the mobility industry to help customers recover retiring corporate-owned IT assets and resell or recycle them once safely and securely processed. Interested in partnering with us? Visit our website to learn more.

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