Mobile reCell enables its customer to save time and maximize their financial return with a steady-state partnership—resulting a more comprehensive user experience for their customers. 

The Problem

A growing Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider specializing in mobile device procurement, deployment, and monitoring added IT asset recovery and disposition to its service offerings. 

With a manual IT asset recovery process and limited IT resources, the MMS provider faced challenges when trying to deliver a more comprehensive user experience. The MMS provider manually tracked asset recovery data and shipped its own packages. 

Soon, the IT team became overwhelmed as recovered devices started stacking up to be processed. Customers began experiencing longer wait times and frequent shipment delays. 

The Solution

The MMS provider approached Mobile reCell to establish a steady-state channel partnership, implementing a full-scale asset recovery process. Steady-state partnerships address ongoing business needs for companies with several extensive asset recovery projects. 

Through automation, the MMS provider receives program data from a reliable data source, allowing them to know when an asset is eligible for recovery instead of sifting through asset recovery requests. 

Establishing a partnership with Mobile reCell allows the MMS provider to regain the time spent sorting through asset recovery requests, tracking down devices, and shipping return kits to customers. 

Since its asset recovery program is now structured and automated, the MMS provider has gained the ability to conduct several asset recovery projects simultaneously without exhausting IT resources. Devices are processed in a timely manner which means the vendor’s customers get paid faster—which increases customer satisfaction. 

The Benefits of a Mobile reCell Partnership

With full API integration, the MMS provider has been able to scale its asset recovery program and now recovers 1,000-1,200 assets monthly, receiving more than $340,000 since the beginning of the partnership. 

Mobile reCell gives partners and customers the ability to monitor up-to-date data, track a device throughout the recovery process, and ensure valuable corporate data is securely destroyed. 

At Mobile reCell, our mobility experts set each asset recovery program up for success by actively contributing to the program’s design and sharing industry best practices. Recognizing that each channel partner and/or customer faces unique requirements, we offer an array of workflows and program options. 

Together, we can transform the asset recovery process for you and your customers.

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Device Recovery Stats

  • iPhone 8, iPhone XR
  • 27,000+ total assets recovered
  • 1,000+ assets recovered monthly
  • $340,000 recovered

Key Program Details

  • Full API integration
  • Utilizes all available APIs
  • Standard box fulfillment approach
  • Utilizes fair market value tools