Mobile reCell enables its customer to save time, increase IT budget, and raise security posture with a steady-state partnership—resulting in the customer’s best asset recovery year to date.

The Problem

This Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate owns 40,000 mobile assets, such as smartphones and tablets. More than 18,000 of those assets are deployed in the United States (US) and historically tracked using spreadsheets and one-on-one communication with end-users.

Manually tracking assets, capturing end-user communications, and documenting recovered assets is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It quickly limits the number of recovered assets, and in turn, the company’s asset recovery rate rapidly declined.

The organization’s mobility program manager realized the need for a more efficient technique of recovering corporate-owned assets.

The Solution

Mobile reCell’s experts helped the customer set up processes to recover its corporate-owned assets and established a scalable recovery program within a steady-state partnership.

Steady-state partnerships are beneficial for addressing ongoing asset recovery efforts, such as a sizable organization upgrading assets each month.

At the onset of the recovery program, Mobile reCell dedicated two months to tackle 12,000 backlogged asset return requests from the customer’s IT service ticketing platform, ServiceNow, while continuing to process incoming asset return requests.

Mobile reCell also helped the customer implement an employee purchase program, enabling its employees to purchase the asset (for personal use) issued to them at a discounted price once the asset is eligible for an upgrade.

When employees opt to purchase company-issued assets, the customer securely wipes valuable corporate data remotely. The customer saves significantly when assets are wiped remotely by decreasing the budget required for shipping assets to be processed before returning them to the employees.

The Benefits of a Mobile reCell Partnership

Now utilizing Mobile reCell’s full API integration within a steady-state partnership, the organization has more accurate recovery program data and efficient asset recovery processes and systems.

It regularly receives funds from recovered and resold assets to put back into its mobility program or IT budget.

Within the first six months of implementing Mobile reCell’s asset recovery solution, the customer has experienced a 41% improvement in its asset recovery rate.

As a result of consistent collaboration with Mobile reCell, the rate continues to improve as the customer becomes more accustomed to the automated processes and implements additional efficiencies.

Device Recovery Stats

  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 7
  • 4,000+ total assets recovered
  • 3,542 assets recovered for reselling or recycling
  • 640 assets recovered via employee purchase program
  • 40,000+ assets deployed globally
  • 18,000+ assets deployed in the US
  • 41% increase in asset recovery rate in first three months

Key Program Details

  • 36-month average asset refresh cycle
  • Automated use of asset return kits
  • Multinational asset recovery program
  • End users initiate new asset requests