Device recovery program realizes $131 average sales price for four-year-old, WiFi-only devices dispersed around the globe

The Problem

A critical cardiopulmonary medical device leader planned to refresh more than 350 corporate-owned WiFi-only iPads issued to its sales representatives across the globe. 

The medical device company planned to use the money received from reselling its retired devices to help cover the cost of the new equipment issued to the sales team. For the planned project to be successful, the resold devices needed to return the highest possible value and wrap up within a short timeframe.

With no way to track outbound shipments of new equipment nor the retired device recovery process in-house, the company partnered with Mobile reCell and its channel partner. The goal was to gain visibility into its device recovery program and capture the maximum residual value of its retired devices.

The Solution

Mobile reCell’s channel partner deployed the sales representatives’ new tablets from its integration center in New Jersey. The outbound shipment included the employee’s new device and a device return kit for the retiring device. The device return kit included a large-format box, a pre-printed shipping label, and detailed instructions for employees to ensure their retired devices were securely returned for processing.  

Mobile reCell’s software absorbed device end-user information from the customer and the outbound shipping information from the channel partner. With this data, Mobile reCell provided the customer with each end user’s retired device and new device serial numbers while enabling the customer’s IT Director to view tracking information for both retired and new device shipping data.

Additionally, the IT Director could quickly identify which end users had failed to return their retired devices. With this information, he could remotely lock the rogue devices and hold the end users accountable for the lost residual value of the unreturned devices.

The Benefits of a Mobile reCell Partnership

Responsible for the planning, execution, and success of the device recovery program, the customer’s IT Director was assigned “superuser” permissions within Mobile reCell’s software. Administrative permissions enabled him to easily and quickly generate return labels for end users, report on end user compliance, download Certificates of Data Destruction, and make informed decisions on proceeding with the remaining number of outstanding devices.

Mobile reCell’s automated processes allowed the IT Director to complete his device recovery initiative in 90 days with 320 securely recovered devices of the 380 devices targeted for recovery—an 84% recovery rate. The customer received more than $42,000 for the 320 recovered WiFi-only tablets, which the company put toward the expense of the sales representatives’ new tablets. 

The result was a comprehensive mobile device recovery effort that provided visibility into each step of the device refresh process for a dispersed workforce amid a global pandemic. 

Key Device Recovery Stats

  • iPad Pro 10.5″
  • 90-day project
  • 380 devices targeted
  • 320 devices recovered
  • 70 devices recovered from a single compliance email push
  • $42,000 returned to customer
  • $131 Average selling price (ASP) for four-year-old, WiFi-only devices

Key Device Recovery Program Details

  • Integrated outbound and return device shipping detail
  • End-user device assignment access
  • IT Director “superuser” in Mobile reCell’s software
  • Compliance reporting highlighted rogue devices
  • NIST-compliant and secure data destruction process 
  • Certificate of Data Destruction provided for each processed device
  • Device return kits lowered the barrier for retired device recovery