$8.64 million. That is, on average, how much it will cost to pick up the pieces after your company suffers a data breach.¹ The culprit? Corporate devices that have been retired, lost, or stored away to collect dust: laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Devices like these hold important information and pose a threat to your company’s data-security. Any endpoint that’s connected to your network could be the reason your company faces a breach costing them millions. But it would never happen to you, right?

Data-Breaches Are Real. They Can Happen To Anybody.

41% of all data breaches trace back to lost devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.² It is crucial that your company be vigilant in taking proper precautions to protect against hackers and cybercriminals. Factory resetting old devices is simply not enough. Devices may also end up changing hands multiple times, being sold or handed off to someone outside your organization, leaving your company at more risk than you can imagine.

Failing to correctly prepare and take the right steps to prevent a data breach could put you in a situation where you don’t have the time, money, and resources to come back from it. The time is now to develop a plan for your company’s retired mobile devices, and it’s easier than you might think.

Okay, so what do I do now?

Data-Destruction is described as “the process of destroying data stored on tapes, hard disks, and other forms of electronic media so that it is completely unreadable and cannot be accessed or used for unauthorized purposes.” ³

It’s simple, companies like yours that have deployed devices to their users, need a mobile device recovery solution that involves data-destruction at NIST/Department of Defense standards. The process needs to be automated, certified, and fully transparent. A software-driven solution, tailored for your company is the absolute best plan you can have.


*Learn more about device processing and data-destruction

Don’t wait. Sleep better.

Don’t lose sleep wondering if you are at risk for a data breach. You should never be faced with recovering from an $8.64 million mistake. Don’t wait. Knowing you have a plan in place, you won’t regret it when you hear about the next big data-breach that could’ve been you.

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