Device recovery and employee purchase program recovers 21,500 iPads to support the world’s largest airline

Mobile reCell, an Indiana-based tech startup specializing in mobile device recovery, offers software-based & custom-tailored solutions for company-owned mobile device recovery needs. Successful past projects with United Airlines and Spirit Airlines established the tech-startup’s abilities in the airline industry before partnering with American Airlines.

In 2013, American Airlines switched to electronic flight bag (EFB) iPads to provide pilots with all navigation, flight planning, and manual resources. As these mobile devices aged and reached their end-of-life, the airline needed to recover 21,500 employee-issued iPads for a refresh. As a remote workforce, devices assigned to pilots were scattered across the country. Mobile reCell’s Value Recovery Platform offered a fully integrated, automated, and software-driven device recovery program that provided transparency along with an Employee Purchase Program for the airline’s pilots.

As the program began, Mobile reCell’s Value Recovery Platform normalized all device assignment data from the airline and its MMS/TEM deployment partner. All device logistics data was merged with device assignment data, giving the company clear visibility into the movement of the new devices headed to their pilots, as well as the status of the devices expected to be recovered. From that point, the platform operated as the center point for the program, offering additional tools such as the environment-impact of recovery efforts, and label/box ordering. Compliance Reporting also gave the airline full visibility into which devices had not been returned and still needed to be recovered.

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Once returned, each device went through thorough functionality testing, cosmetic grading, and NAID-compliant data-destruction in a secure processing facility. All device identifier information down to each serial number, asset tag, and color was in Mobile reCell’s Value Recovery Platform.

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In addition to unique device recovery workflows, Mobile reCell provided a custom-tailored Employee Purchase Program, allowing each pilot to purchase their company-issued iPad at a discounted price. Each device was shipped to Mobile reCell for data-destruction, reset to factory settings, and then returned to the pilot who originally carried it. Secure credit card processing, email communication on pilots’ device’s processing status, and customer support were provided. To mitigate data-loss risks. In the end, nearly 8,000 pilots purchased their iPad’s back through Mobile reCell’s Employee Purchase Platform.

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Over a seven- month project, American recovered over $2.9 million from their 21,500 pilot-issued iPads. American’s EFB Captain, Brian Norris, stated,

“Mobile reCell’s services made our iPad refresh a resounding success. From end-to-end, they worked with us to make the process user friendly. Their portal made monitoring the recovery process easy. We were able to quickly identify and address delayed returns from pilots. Going the extra mile, Mobile reCell enabled a secure means for our pilots to repurchase their used devices. A huge number took advantage of this option and it was a great morale boost during a challenging time.”

American Airlines EFB Captain, Brian Norris

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