value recovery platform

Value Recovery Platform

Your entire program, all in one easy place.


A snapshot into your entire device initiatives, giving you the highlights on your devices and customers, while delivering you all the tools needed to dig deeper into your program.


See exactly what stage of the process your devices are in, from when it leaves your employee’s hands, to when it reaches our processing facility, and finally to when you get paid for that specific device. Never feel uncertain about what is happening to your devices.

Audit Reporting

Build a custom device report using all the data from serial numbers to lock status to device color. High-quality device photos and certificates of equipment recycling for each device increase your reporting capabilities. The data and details are completely visible and transparent.

Compliance Reporting

Leverage data from a pre-built report highlighting which employees have not sent their devices in and take action as needed. Increase accountability with configurable notifications, return label emails, and return kits to ensure you know where your data-loss risks are.

Fair Market Value

See the value of your devices by model, memory, and grade to estimate how much your smartphones or tablets may be worth. Knowing what your devices are worth can help you understand the projected return.

Environmental Impact

See the environmental impact your program is having on the real world. Be proud of your program for the effects it has. Track your progress and share it with your team.

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