Michael Cook, Chief Operating Officer

Michael Cook serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Mobile reCell, where he perfects back-end operations and maintains relationships with our partners. 

He strives to efficiently solve dilemmas, answer questions, and fulfill unique requests that arise from our customers to sustain Mobile reCell’s 100% customer retention rate.

In 2012, Michael began his career in the hospitality industry, where he became acquainted with operations and was announced the youngest director of operations in his organization’s history. As Mike began to outgrow his role, he started looking for new opportunities and landed at Mobile reCell in 2017 as Director of Sales.

Michael’s phenomenal work ethic and ability to implement strategic processes have enabled Mobile reCell to scale in the last few years, and resulted in his appointment as Chief Operating Officer.

When Mike isn’t working on his long-term plans to start a bike charity for children in under-resourced communities, he enjoys cycling, hiking, playing guitar, golfing, and spending time with his wife, their two dogs, and two horses. He also volunteers at the Adult Learning Center of Baltimore, where he works as a math tutor to help students obtain their GED.