Hosted Platform

Security precautions against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Enforcing multiple security policies for your protection

As our services continue to provide you with everything needed for successful recovery programs, we take every precaution against potential threats, exploits, and vulnerabilities to ensure the utmost trust and security.

Trustworthy Security

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Premium level encryption paired with remote security.

Network Security

Annual port scans and penetration tests for advanced monitoring.

Identity Access Management

Privilege – based access management for customers and employees.

Data Recovery & Backup

Secure data storage, periodical backups, and frequent monitoring.

API Security

HTTPS transactions and key – based passage protection.

Secure Password Policy

Regularly updated, strict password enforcement.

Firewall & Antivirus Utilization

Highest protection against potential threats and viruses.

Cloud Server Security

Reliable cloud security governed by a trusted, reputable manager.

Constant Updates

Constant improvements and patches against malicious cyberattacks.