The process was redefined completely. 

It started with a project targeting roughly 6,500 Samsung Note 4 devices that were being upgraded to Note 5 devices. Additionally, many devices were changing wireless carriers. The customer also wanted to build a seed stock of Note 4 devices.

Mobile reCell provided greater structure and flexibility with the following weekly workflow:

  • New devices were configured at the EMM’s facility.
  • Each shipment was sent to field offices with reverse logistics packaging and pre-paid labels supplied by Mobile reCell.
  • Upon receipt of the new devices, old devices were turned in to the site admin and placed in the supplied packaging.
  • Once the site refresh was complete, the admin would schedule pick-up of the devices to be returned.
  • Mobile reCell received the returned devices at their recycling facility and followed these steps:
    • Inventory of received devices with serial and IMEI
    • Grade the condition of the devices
    • Wipe all data from devices
    • Supply missing batteries/battery covers to ensure complete devices were received
    • Sort devices based on customer preference (Note 4 devices on specific carrier were not recycled).
    • Recycle all devices not meeting the above criteria
    • Return seed stock devices, ready for reuse.


The customer was able to refresh over 6,500 devices in less than 4 months. 

Additionally, the customer returned unused devices that were not affected by the refresh but had been kept at sites without any action. Ultimately, Mobile reCell was able to issue over $160,000 in payments for recycled devices in addition to building an immediate seed stock of quality devices. 

Other services provided by Mobile reCell that added immediate value to the customer. 

The customer had over 2,000 Samsung Note 2 devices that were returned from the previous recycle vendor because they were “locked” and “unusable”. Mobile reCell was able to remove the restrictions on these devices in less than 36 hours and process them in their recycling facility, issuing a credit to the customer of over $30,000 for devices their prior vendor declared “worthless”. 

Another valuable addition to the service Mobile reCell provided was their ability to procure quality refurbished devices for this customer. Due to application restrictions, the customer required specific device models for their technicians. During the Samsung Note 7 recall period, the customer extinguished their seed stock of existing Note 4 and Note 5 devices and had a backlog of over 500 individual replacement orders that needed to be fulfilled. Mobile reCell was able to procure these devices for the customer. 

The customer saved over $200 when compared to the cost of a new device,totalling savings of over $500,000.

The overall value goes beyond fiscal returns. 

The workflow automations and bespoke solutions offered by the team at Mobile reCell provided a service that ensured the customer’s technicians were able to perform their duties in a timely manner. Additionally, the level of customer service Mobile reCell provided solidified their future relationship with the customer.