From an employees perspective, what are the challanges organizations face when decomissioning mobile devices? 

In an environment where the device has never been collected before, the change in policy can send a shock through the system of the end user. As compared with organizations that deploy strict recovery processes, relaxed organizations often miss the need to back-up and secure the devices data throughout the device lifecycle, both corporate and personal to the user. Enforcing policies can be a challenge when the appropriate tools are not deployed. 


How do organizations use the Mobile reCell platform to solve this issue? 

Mobile reCell’s Employee Buyback Programs are the answer to support an enterprise’s users desires to assume device ownership at the end-of-life. Our work with a large transportation company returned great results for their mobile management team, and delivered high value recovery and high end user satisfaction. 

The program was deployed to 2,000 users within their mobile program migrating from legacy iPads to the newest iPad model. 60% of users opted to purchase the device from their enterprise, while 40% opted to return the device for traditional value recovery. The enterprise realized over $72,000 in value recovery across these 1,200 devices, and excited employees anxious for the next device refresh.


How do they continue to find success? 

The success of the program’s launch has made the program standard for deployments moving forward. Our platform is established to allow the organization to list their users and associated devices in order to facilitate a survey for participation. Business intelligence and rules are built for exception processing and overall governance of the employee purchase program. This allows the mobile management team to remain hands off in the purchase program, relying on automated reports and bi-weekly check-ins with the Mobile reCell team for review.

To ensure the users are incentivized to participate, pricing is established for all models below retail. The survey process streamlines the employee purchase experience, the collection of payment, as well as receipt to the user. This allows the on-site migration support team to verify the user has purchased their retired device without the enterprise needing to collect the device directly from the employee.