Complete the mobile device lifecycle.

Not every enterprise mobile device ecosystem is the same. We can help you structure your device end-of-life solution based on your needs.

The opportunity for businesses to deploy mobile devices has grown by enormous measures in the last 20 years. This rapid growth has surprised many organizations with a high cost of hardware, services, management, and support by driving total cost of ownership north of $2,300 per user a year.

For many of these companies, a secure and automated program for recovering retired devices has been an afterthought because of their attention being focused on other areas of the device lifecycle. Organizations are then left to absorb significant liabilities and cost because of the lack of structure around mobile device value recovery.

  • Recover more mobile devices.
  • Enact best practices in data protection.
  • Improve yield per device.

Explore the features included in Mobile reCell's standard device recovery services, optional features and additional programs below.

"The overall value goes beyond fiscal returns."

"The workflow automations and bespoke solutions offered by the team at Mobile reCell provided a service that ensured the customer’s technicians were able to perform their duties in a timely manner. Additionally, the level of customer service Mobile reCell provided solidified their future relationship with the customer."

- Chris, Account Manager at an international Mobility Management Service Provider
Standard Device Recovery Features

FedEx and UPS integrations

Receive, store, track, and ship

ISO 9001 certified logistics process

Consulting + Support

Device lifecycle consulting

Standard customer support

Data security and decommissioning

Device value quoting


Device reconciliation upon receipt

Data wiping / serialization
(under industry certifications)

Cosmetic condition grading

Device pictures
(display cosmetic condition)


Print Labels

real-time device / shipment tracking
end-user reminder notifications

Audit Reporting
scheduled emailed reports
certificate of data destruction

Fair Market Value (FMV)
Market Insights
Quote generator

Multi-tiered account management

White labeled dashboard features

Optional Device Recovery Features

Direct application integration (API’s )
Airwatch, MaaS360, InTune, SOTI, etc...

Service Now


Emailed Requests
email templates are automatically parsed and submitted to platform instantly

Bulk import
spreadsheet upload
database import
bulk import from client database via API
Single Sign On (SSO)

Return Packaging

Domestic / International fulfillment

Packaging Type:
bulk devices or individual

steady-state fulfillment
pre-project fulfillment

direct to an end-user
direct to a manager(s) or centralized locations

Printed Directions
return instructions from device owner (company)
box/insert instructions

Tracking + automated notifications for outbound packaging and returns

Pre-paid shipping labels
print through customer dashboard
receive bulk printed labels to customer location

end-user receives emailed direction including shipping label download

Pre-data wipe quarantine

Mobile reCell will quarantine devices for a predetermined amount of time (after receipt) in order to check for MDM, iCloud/ DEP, or Google FRP locks.

Reports provided by MrC will allow customers to remove locks in order to ensure they receive full device value.

Additional data views

Additional data views can be added to the dashboard for added visibility into the disposition process.

Tailor to the type of project, locations, business units, and various metrics.

Extended end-user support

12-hour “HyperCare” support

Available anytime via phone / email

Dedicated help-desk manager


channel partner service credits

partner partner/customer split
direct to Customer

minimum NET 30
alternative payment schedules

Additional Programs
Device Reconciliation

Locate inactive/rogue devices within your environment

Survey with instructions/ policy to return devices

Seed-stock Management

Used/refurbished device procurement

iOS DEP enrollment

Kitting and provision

Employee buyback

Personalized landing page for employees to purchase CL devices (PCI compliant)

Forward logistics / Data wipe services to ensure data compliancy and ease-of-use

Phone/email support to eleviate internal helpdesk support

White labeled marketing kit including instructions

Like-new packaging

Device Procurement

Device processed
Locks removed
Data wiped

Graded for cosmetics

Condition & quantity thresholds preset

Real-time visibility into stock levels provided to customer via APIs

Order placement via APIs

The Problems We Solve

Gaps in Mobile Device Recovery

• Loose policies with low employee participation

• No end-to-end recovery solution

• Minimal device returns

Lack of User-friendly Technology

• No software-enabled solutions

• No features for decision-based refreshes

• Limited visibility into logistics and post-processing reports


• Emailing and calling employees

• Manual inventory of received devices

• Quotes and RFPs from recycling companies

Data Risks

• Employees not returning their corporate-liable devices

• Devices not being wiped in advance

(i.e. sold via Amazon/eBay)

• 3rd party locks not being properly removed

(i.e. MDM, DEP, Google FRP, etc)

Value Recovery

• “Bait-and-switch” offers

• No real-time visibility into fair-market-values

• Devices with defects are scrapped instead of resold

We’re serving industries & institutions worldwide

  • Airlines
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Transportation