Frequently Asked Questions

It is likely that we have helped other enterprises solve the same problems you may come across when it comes to mobile device recovery. Below are some of the common questions we have answered for our customers.

From the time a device is received it typically takes 3-7 business days before it is processed and reported. This depends on the quantity of devices received at one time from a customer. For example, if just a few devices trickle in over a couple weeks, those devices would accumulate (for no more than 10 business days) before they will be processed and reported. If a larger quantity is received in a lesser amount of time the devices will be processed right away. Reporting, including assigned paid values for devices, is updated after devices are processed. Payments are arranged per each customer situation, but can be as fast as 2 weeks, or in some cases 30 - 45 days after we receive a device. For example, one our larger customers preferred a payment once a month on a specific date for the devices received and processed or the month prior.
No, there is no limit. We have the logistics capabilities, processing capabilities, and aftermarket demand to accommodate any amount of devices. We use a 3rd party processor for data-wiping, warehousing, and processing that has been around for over 50 years, has international locations. We use FedEx for all shipping, unless a different 3rd party logistics partner is needed for any custom pick-up and packing situations.
Mobile reCell’s business model was founded based on the core belief that companies and consumers should have a lucrative, environmental-friendly option when retiring their mobile wireless devices. This is also one of the reasons we partnered with Belmont Trading Company in Buffalo Grove Illinois to handle our processing. Here is a link to all the certifications our partner processor holds. 
Typically there are not. So far we have had no scenario in which a customer of ours has had to pay for services. We incur the cost of shipping, data-wiping, processing and warehousing. There are cases where some items shipped in hold no resale value. Usually in this case the cost is usually offset by other devices the customer is sending in. A case where a customer would have to pay for services would be if, for example ;a customer was sending in a large amount of Blackberries, flip phones, and hot spot devices in bad condition and are more than 7 years old, and were not including any devices of value to offset these no value devices. We would then have to charge for the shipping and processing of the devices, and we would have to provide a quote at that time and per project where needed. There is no cost for the use of our application, client dashboard, tools, or use of API’s.
Estimated values for devices can be found through our client dashboard at any time including a bulk device quote builder tool. This will provide an estimated dollar amount. If a customer wants to reach out to us and get a quote on devices that can typically be guaranteed for 10-15 days, we can usually provide this quote back within a few days. There are times when it could take a little longer depending on if it is a rarely sold device or we need more details about the device.
Typically we guarantee a quote for 10-15 days. We can estimate the future value of devices, but is never guaranteed after 15 days. We can re-quote if 15 days has passed after the previous quote was issued. The resale value of mobile devices changes constantly. We also provide Fair Market Value data accessible anytime through our customer dashboard as well as resale market trend data to help predict the depreciation of value for mobile devices.
We do take in these types of devices and can have them data-wiped, though we do not prefer flip phones, hotspot units or other devices of no value. Smart phones and tablets are our focus. We will purchase MacBooks and in some cases other laptops, but you risk not receiving much value from them depending on condition. There are many more variables when dealing with MacBooks and laptops, processing and shipping costs are higher, and sometimes can take longer to resale if they do have a resale value.
We can make payments via ACH, wire transfer, and check .
We do offer this for customers, but it is not within our core business model to focus on procurement or purchasing requests. We do have many partners that we can use in purchasing and procurement services and for which we can source new, refurbished and good condition used mobile devices. Our inventory has a quick turnaround and is a mix of models in used condition. We do welcome inquiries regarding the purchasing and procurement of mobile devices.
Yes, as soon as the devices arrive to the processing facility, we take ownership of the devices until we sell them through our various channels. Our third party processor does not take ownership of the inventory at any point in the chain of custody. They simply provide the  data-destruction, processing and warehousing service.
Devices do not arrive to our office in Fishers, IN. They are sent directly to our third party processor in Chicago. The ownership of the devices stay with us until they are sold and shipped out of Chicago. Our reasons for using this method of processing and warehousing with a third party processor include keeping our overhead costs controlled, leveraging an experienced processor with security and environmental certifications, and focusing on efficient and accurate data-wiping, processing and warehousing.