Mobile reCell

The integrated solution for mobile device recovery that maximizes returns, reduces data risk, and provides peace of mind.

What sets Mobile reCell apart?

Mobile reCell’s customers realize higher yields and greater employee participation in their mobile device recovery programs. The difference is our automated solution that makes managing devices through their end-of-life more effective, rewarding and accountable. Our patent pending platform and recovery services make Mobile reCell more comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly.

Since our start in 2014, Mobile reCell has earned the trust of leading Fortune 50 companies and other global brands.

What is mobile device recovery?

One thing is a given as your company continues to expand its fleet of mobile devices: retiring your smartphones and tablets presents both risks and rewards.

For many enterprises, lax end-of-life policies for these devices results in them going rogue. Even if they are recovered or disposed of, companies still face data exposure and poor payouts.

Problems are rooted in fragmented third-party IT asset disposition providers that collect and remarket your corporate devices. These companies task IT managers with facilitating device recovery initiatives using outdated “recycling” programs that are labor-intensive. The result is a lack of employee accountability and diminishing financial recovery efforts.


The Problems we Solve


Gaps in Mobile Device Recovery

Loose policies with low employee participation

No end-to-end recovery solution

Minimal device returns

Lack of User-friendly Technology

No software-enabled solutions

No features for decision-based refreshes

Limited visibility into logistics and post-processing reports


Emailing and calling employees

Manual inventory of received devices

Quotes and RFPs from recycling companies

Data Risks

Employees not returning their corporate-liable devices

Devices not being wiped in advance
(i.e. sold via Amazon/eBay)

3rd party locks not being properly removed
(i.e. MDM, DEP, Google FRP, etc)

Value Recovery

“Bait-and-switch” offers

No real-time visibility into fair-market-values

Devices with defects are scrapped instead of resold

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Financial Services







Device acquisition

Device resale channels


We think green

We share your commitment in addressing environmental challenges faced by today's society. Mobile reCell's business model was founded based on the core belief that companies and consumers should have a lucrative, environmental-friendly option when retiring their mobile devices. 

We pride ourselves on:

  • Having a firm NO landfill policy
  • Disposing of e-waste responsibly
  • Continually investing in responsible collection and processing initiatives
  • Commiting to finding answers collaboratively 

Waste is inefficient, so waste minimization, reuse and recycling are fundamental. Rest assured that all mobile devices with zero second market value will be recycled in the most environmentally responsible manner. Together we can keep unnecessary e-waste out of landfills for years to come.


We are committed to handling your mobile devices in an environmentally responsible manner, and take every possible step to ensure your privacy and security. For that reason, it was key that Mobile reCell partner with a respected and certified recycling organization. Founded in 1988, Belmont Trading Company was one of the first technology recycling companies to qualify for the widest set of credentials for safe, responsible technology asset destruction, reuse, and recycling.

With 10 locations worldwide, their services encompass the highest standards of environmental protection, as well as full compliance with local, state, and global regulations.

Mobile reCell directs all devices requiring processing to the Belmont Trading Co. Chicago, IL facility. Devices are data wiped and tested for reuse and resale within their R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001 certified facility. Any devices not meeting their strict certification requirements will be responsibly recycled.  For more information on certifications held by our partner processor click here.

*Devices are not received or processed at Mobile reCell's corporate office.