On April 24, 2020, Richele Floyd, Scholarship Director of the Aerospace Center for Excellence in Lakeland, FL received 300 iPads donated by American Airlines and Mobile reCell.

Mobile reCell is pleased to announce that on April 24, 2020, 300 iPads were donated to the Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE) courtesy of American Airlines in partnership with Mobile reCell. ACE is a non-profit organization based in Lakeland, Florida that is a leader in STEM-related education. ACE’s mission is to engage, educate, and accelerate the next generation of aerospace professionals.

While planning to refresh the Electronic Flight Bag program that assigns an iPad to each pilot, American Airlines and Mobile reCell wanted to give back to the community. The Electronic Flight Bag iPads are used by pilots in the cockpit for navigation, flight planning, and pilot handbooks/manuals. American Airlines and Mobile reCell donated iPads to ACE for the annual Sun n Fun Aerospace Expo. The donation also included 100 chargers that were personally donated by Tim Averett from American Airlines.

“These iPads will remain a reference and a guide for young minds getting introduced to careers in aviation. Soon, they may help students realize their dreams, like us when we were young.”

Tim Averett, American Airlines, Captain

ACE serves approximately 50,000 students annually through aviation programs, summer camps, and scholarships aimed at preparing the youth for tomorrow’s aerospace challenges. These iPads will help enhance ACE’s curriculum as well as provide students with the practical tools they need to enrich their educational experience. The goal is to inspire a new generation of aviation experts that will aspire to a future career in aviation.

To prepare these devices for donation, American Airlines needed to retrieve devices from the field with help from Mobile reCell. Mobile reCell orchestrated the recovery of the entire fleet of pilot iPads individually. Once received, Mobile reCell inventoried all devices, then began the procedures for data destruction. After removing all corporate data according to Department of Defense standards, they securely packaged the devices for shipment and delivery to ACE.

Mobile reCell is the integrated solution for mobile device recovery for corporations such as American Airlines that maximizes device recuperation and minimizes the risk of data loss. Mobile reCell’s expertise in the mobile device industry allows them to create and implement device recovery programs customized to the needs of their customers. Mobile reCell’s services are centered around a software platform that provides complete visibility to device tracking, processing, value recovery, employee buyback, and a secure chain of logistics.

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